CLASP's Effectivness

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Principals, teachers, parents, and tutors have provided numerous testimonials to the improved school performance, attitudes, and work habits of the children who attend CLASP regularly.

Here are a few comments from teachers, when asked about the effectiveness of CLASP:
Our kids need adults who love them and spend time with them. They test these relationships, and they sometimes don’t know how to communicate effectively. But their eyes light up when they see their special tutor walk in the door.

Some of our kids need to focus, and they need to feel good about achieving success. The nurturing time, and knowing they can depend on their tutors, helps even more than the academic support.

We’re so appreciative! Our volunteer tutors are so giving. They hang in there. The kids respect that.
Ample evidence from national studies shows that after-school academic-support programs promote educational achievement, healthy identity development, and social integration into adult society. One way they do this is by making homework part of children’s daily routines and helping them complete more of their assignments with higher quality.

Children at CLASP centers do indeed develop confidence, social skills, and college ambitions along with their academic achievement as they work and play with their tutors, who range in age from high school and college students to grandparents.

Studies by Claremont McKenna students through the Kravis Leadership Institute have found CLASP students show progress in:
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Attitude
  • Achievement motivation
  • School attendance
  • Higher state test scores in math and English the longer they attend CLASP
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