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Celebrate CLASP 2019

Honoring Jim Elsasser and Claremont Unified School District

On November 10, 173 guests gathered in the garden of Deborah Waas and Tim Brayton’s home to celebrate CLASP and honor the Claremont Unified School District for its support.

President Frank D’Emilio, Congresswoman Judy Chu and Mayor Corey Calaycay paid tribute to Superintendent Jim Elsasser, School Board Members Beth Bingham, Hilary La Conte, Steven Llanusa, David Nemer and Nancy Treser Osgood as well as retiring Coordinator of Information Services, Cathy Stewart.

Presenting certificates of Congressional recognition to the honorees and noting CLASP’s partnerships with the school district, city, and Mount San Antonio Gardens, Congresswoman Chu said, “I’m thrilled to be here. I really believe in what you’re doing! You’re a role model for the rest of the nation.”

 Superintendent Elsasser thanked CLASP for its 14 years of supporting 150 students each year who are carefully selected to benefit from its program: “CLASP sets a very high bar. You’re investing in the lives of our children. I can’t think of a better investment in the leaders of tomorrow.”

President D’Emilio honored self-proclaimed “data chick” Cathy Stewart for her long-term efforts to gather information from the School District on CLASP students’ attendance and progress—valuable information for CLASP board members evaluating the program and writing grants.

As the Secret Jazz Band played, guests mingled and sampled a delicious array of dishes prepared by Robin Leonhard and Karen Rosenthal.  Robin handmade over 1200 meatballs in six flavors. Past CLASP president Carole Harter won the opportunity drawing for $500 worth of Claremont Chamber gift cards, and 15 lucky winners carried home fall centerpieces created by Rhonda Prout.

Sincere thanks go to board members Nancy Ambrose and Cindy Sullivan and their committee for organizing this special event, and to our board members, sponsors, and guests for their generous support of CLASP.

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