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CLASP Year-end Report for 2022-2023

CLASP has finished another school year and thanks to our staff, volunteers, and supporters, we continued to provide needed academic help and positive enrichment experiences for our students. Whether is was online or in person, our students were able to receive one-on-one homework help from a caring adult twice a week. I am pleased to report that we are making plans to increase the number of weeks our students will participate in our program to 30 weeks of the 2023-2024 school year! Our working board and committees continued to focus on the essential components of CLASP, including prudent budgeting, strategic training, authentic assessment of our program, and student growth. As a result, all involved have provided students with meaningful experiences to improve academic, social, and emotional growth. In many ways, CLASP is much more than simply a homework help program.

Frank D'Emilio

CLASP Board President 2022-2023

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148 - Volunteer tutors

 18 - Members of the Board of Directors

 13 - Committees that included board members and 12 community members

2,000 - Volunteer hours by board members and committee members

10,300 - Volunteer tutoring hours.

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