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The ongoing operations of CLASP are overseen by a committee structure intended to maintain and improve the services offered to the children participating in CLASP. Our 13 committees consist of board and non-board members from the community.

Executive Committee: Frank D’Emilio, President, Nancy Ambrose, Jo Colclough, Carol-Lee Marshal, Greg Shapton and Cindy Sullivan


Development Committee: Nancy Ambrose, Chair, Jo Colclough, Frank D’Emilio, Carol-Lee Marshall, Don Pattison, Greg Shapton, Cindy Sullivan, Nancy Treser-Osgood and Teddie Warner


Program Support Committee: Harriet Archibald-Woodward, Chair, Mary Caenepeel, Maury Feingold, Carol-Lee Marshall and Cristina Antonioli


Tutor Support Committee: Bev Jack, Chair, Harriet Archibald-Woodward, Laura Bouramrane, Raydie Buckley, Ellen Hamilton, Dean Nishimura and Arlene Pirolo


Publicity Committee: Arlene Pirolo, Chair, Tobey Leier, Lourdes Orett,  Mary Stoddard,  Dean and Freya Nishimura


Evaluation Committee: Jack Mills, Chair, Nancy Ambrose, Cristina Antonioli, Frank D’Emilio, Sonja Dominguez, Bridget Healy, Cindy Sullivan and Teddie Warner


Personnel Committee: Kevin Ward, Chair, Cristina Antonioli, Frank D’Emilio and Greg Shapton


Nominating Committee: Carol-Lee Marshall, Maury Feingold, Bridget Healy, Bev Jack and Nancy Treser-Osgood


Budget Committee: Jo Colclough, Chair, Nancy Ambrose, Frank D’Emilio, Bridget Healy and Cindy Sullivan

Policy Committee: Cindy Sullivan, Chair, Frank D’Emilio, Bridget Healy, Greg Shapton and Kevin Ward


Technology Committee: Cristina Antonioli, Frank D’Emilio, Greg Shapton, Jack Mills and Dean Nishimura

CLASP Annual Party Committee: Nancy Ambrose and Cindy Sullivan, Co-Chairs,  Frank D’Emilio, Robin Leonhard, Carol-Lee Marshall, Arlene Pirolo, Rhonda Prout, Karen Rosenthal, Sarah Smizer, Greg Shapton and Teddie Warner


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