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Claremont After-School Programs is here to help you help your CUSD elementary school students. We offer well-supervised homework assistance with community volunteers in five Claremont neighborhood centers. Recreation, enrichment, transportation and snacks are also provided. This fall, 2020, CLASP Connect is offering online homework help. Volunteer tutors work with individual students via Zoom to give academic support and mentoring.


Do you have a child in your classroom who…

  • Does not complete homework assignments on time?

  • Struggles to grasp concepts that they need to do their homework successfully?

  • Has trouble with organizational and time management skills?

  • Cannot focus on academic tasks?

  • Lacks enthusiasm and confidence in the classroom?

  • Needs a quiet study place and strong academic support?


If so, please print this Enrollment Form and give it to the child's parent, or refer appropriate students to CLASP by contacting the Program Director at (909) 204-0127 or .

For Teachers

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