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CLASP: Claremont After-School Programs
CLASP starts September 19, 2016
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Mission: To help elementary-school children enhance their academic, organizational and social skills by providing high-quality after-school programs in Claremont Unified School District neighborhoods.

In its five neighborhood programs, CLASP provides safe, fun, friendly, and supportive settings for academically at-risk children from all of Claremont’s elementary schools, so that they may gain the academic guidance and personal mentoring they need to be successful in school and in life.
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The programs offer homework help and tutoring, recreational activities, healthy snacks, field trips, family meetings, and celebrations. For children at four centers, transportation is also provided from school to center to home.

CLASP is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that collaborates with the City of Claremont and Claremont Unified School District, as well as local businesses, nonprofits, and regional foundations. Local individual donors contribute 45% of CLASP’s budget.

We appreciate your interest in CLASP.